Relaying Stories

One of my friends Steve Perez who lives out in California had a really great conversation with a coworker recently which eventually led to praying for him on the spot. Here is a quick breakdown from him of what took place:

“I prayed for one of my coworker Christian brothers that had fallen away from Jesus. By the time I was done praying his face was soaked in tears. He said he hasn’t had that feeling in years. He has a lot going on in his life and with his family and is looking to make things right.” Steve is really good at building relationships and when the Holy Spirit is included serious life change can happen.

My other buddy A.B. recently sent me an update on an interaction that took place at the gym:

” I prayed for someone at the gym on Monday. He sprained his ankle and said he heard it crack. I prayed and the swelling and pain went from a 10, thinking it was broken, to a 6.  I only had a chance to pray for him once.” (40% improvement;  ankles normally get worse, not better).

Update: A.B. saw him playing ball again the other day. God is good.

I was picking up lunch and saw that the woman working behind the counter had a broken wrist. After talking with her for a little while I got a good idea of her perception about God based on her experiences with other Christians.  I asked if I could pray for her wrist; she said, “If something happens I’ll believe”. So she let me pray. She was in awe as she was assessing her pain level and her ability to move it. She experienced a 70% decrease in pain,  increased ROM, and a heat in the area of injury when we prayed which lingered on after. Her comment afterwards was, “I believe”.

God continues to confim that He is a God of love, and that He wants to move through us to introduce His lost children to the Kingdom of God or sometimes He just wants to expand ones understanding of it.

1 John 4:19 – We love him, because he first loved us.

He is amazing and knows what we need. Let’s be available and keep pushing forward; stretching for Him.


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