Triple Prayer Sunday

Hello all,

I really hope you are doing well and are getting ready for the warmth of Spring (yes I know we are still waiting for it in the Northeast). In case you are reading this blog for the first time click here to read about the purpose. One of the things I do know is that God is after your heart and wants you to see how real and personal He is. He wants you to choose Him.

I had the opportunity to pray for three people this past Sunday with physical injuries in need of healing and below I’ll give you a brief description of what took place.

The first dislocated his knee recently; after praying a few times he had 70% improvement in his pain level and a smile on his face.

The second had recently been at the doctor and was diagnosed with having a tear in her left bicep; she could only lift her arm parallel to floor and could not reach back to put her hand in her back pocket. After 2 prayers she could reach over her head and into her back pocket. I saw her walking out to her car raising her arm up and down. It was awesome.

The third was a girl with a sprained ankle. Her pain level went from a level 10 down to a 2.5 (75% improvement) and  her range of motion significantly increased. She was not able to point her toe initially, but was able to in the end. Father God was calling His daughter closer.

Smiles were abounding in each of them. God loves His kids. Glory to Jesus.

Be encouraged,


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