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What up all! If you are in the northeast I hope you’re somehow enjoying the frigid, snow-filled winter. On a more important note; I’d like to share a couple more stories with you.  The two below took place recently and testify of the amazing, loving, present nature of God.
Last weekend I was at our churches retreat for the high school students. We had a great time; high school students are a blast to hang with. God’s doing amazing things in many of their lives. One of the situations that stood out for me was a time after our Saturday night service. There was a senior in high school there who was only there because he was sidelined from the two hockey teams he played on due to a knee injury. That night God moved in him and he made a commitment to Jesus. I took the opportunity to see if he’d be open to receive prayer for his knee. There was 1 other high school student, 2 interns (both graduated from HS last year), and another leader with him. I prayed the 1st time, then had the 3 of them separately pray for their buddy and every prayer led to an additional measure of healing. God moved through each and every one of them. After 5 prayers full healing was complete, no pain. Another young man’s belief locked in by the Holy Spirit.  On Wednesday he made his return on one of the hockey teams and played with no pain. Glory to Jesus.
Update: 2 weeks later I saw him and he has played 5 hockey games with no issues.
Last week my mother sent me a text and asked me to give her a call; her friend Meg was with her who had been struggling with an annoying issue for the past 3 winters. She had been suffering from sciatic nerve pain that went down her legs and made both legs tingle and at times get numb; so we prayed over the phone. After the first prayer the pain level went from a 10 to a 7. After the second it went to a 5. The Word of God says the “And these signs follow them that BELIEVE,….” (Mark 16:17-18); so whenever another believer is with me I like to have them pray at some point as well. It can be a belief builder for everyone present. So I asked my mother to pray next; when she did Meg felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and her legs were completely healed, no pain or discomfort. I received feedback a few days later and Meg said she can now go out in the cold or sit for a long time and not even think about her legs.  I’d say that’s pretty awesome, that’s Jesus.
2 Corinthians 13:14
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.

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