At basketball

On Thursday nights there is a group of guys that I play basketball with ages ranging from 20’s to 50’s. This week one of the guys sprained his ankle.

As we were getting ready to leave I walked over to see how he was doing. I asked if he’d let me pray for it and he gave the ok. Before I started I saw that A.B., Kurt & Jerry were still there. They all know Jesus is real; Jerry had an injury we prayed for on the side of the court several months back and was completely healed. It was pretty cool what took place after that.

Here is a snapshot:

All 4 of us took turns praying for Justin and his pain level each time went down; by the time we finished it got down to a 1. (10 to a 1 = 90% improvement). One of the “God is just amazing parts” was when Kurt was praying for Justin his hand started shaking, and he could not take his hand off Justin’s shoulder (I’m not kidding, you can see for yourself in the video, lol). God definitely has a sense of humor and knows how to get our attention. When we were praying the final prayer I had a hand on one shoulder and Kurt had his on the other; Justin said he felt an energy/warmth move from where my hand was across his chest to where Kurts hand was. God used healing and His tangible presence to confirm His reality for Justin. I love it.

​A.B. actually captured most of it on video, so if you are interested in seeing the footage of what took place, check it out. (It’s about 14 minutes long).

Two days later, on Saturday afternoon I practically ran into Justin on the platform at the YMCA which is very rare. He had his basketball and was wrapping up a workout. What does that say? He was feeling good, back in the game, with a big smile.
That Sunday he played in a league game.

Jesus is amazing and God loves His kids, that’s the reality. (Ephesians 3:20)

No matter where your faith is I encourage you to take the next step. There is always a next step.


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