Cancer story / follow-up

Whats up all! I was excited to hear about a couple reports I recently received so I figured I’d share them.

I didn’t share this story right away because I wanted to hear the outcome first. Because of a professional relationship that was built over the past few years with a local business owner (who is a fellow Christian) she asked me to pray for her daughter. Her daughter was diagnosed with cancer in her ear and the doctors said they feared it might spread into her lymph nodes. If it did, it could have effected her voice, and that wouldn’t have been good because she loves to sing. One of the ways she uses her gift is on the worship team at her church.  Prayer is not foreign to her (she is a Christian on fire for Jesus) so she had been getting a lot of it. She was amazingly at peace; totally confident that God was going to see her through; exhibiting the reality of the promise in Philippians 4:6,7. So the three of us met to pray before she had surgery.

During the time of prayer she said she felt a feeling like fire in her ear which actually continued after we were done praying; something was happening. It’s so cool how God shows His presence.  The final report is that she is cancer free, it did not spread. The doctor said that the ear healed amazingly. Glory to Jesus.

About a month and a half ago God opened the door for me to pray for a high school student in a parking lot where my family and I were Christmas tree shopping.  I was informed at our High School weekly event (PrimeTime) that he came to church and brought his family because of the experience he had that night when God showed up supernaturally.

You can find the original story here: Christmas Tree Shopping Story. I’m looking forward to seeing him again, I know God has an awesome plan for his life. Supernatural really can be a natural part of the Christian life. The road to that possibility begins when we really submit to God and say “Use me, I will stay pursuing you”. The Holy Spirit is literally in all those who believe in Jesus; and He really wants to work through us (Colossians 1:27). Amazing things happen when we realize our identity (Romans 8:16-17; Galatians 3:26) and give Him room to work.

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