Pushing forward into 2015

I hope you had wonderful times of celebration on Christmas and New Years, and are ready to push forward in many areas of your life this next year. Melani and I are definitely excited to see what unfolds in 2015. 

I’ll share a statement made by Todd White that I plan on keeping top of mind this year because I definitely believe we should commit to progress some way every year. I feel like my relationship with God should always fall into that category. So Todd said “I believe every day can be just as powerful as the last if we just dare to live for Jesus.” So the question is why can we believe that statement? The Bible gives us the answer in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 19 verse 26: With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. We all can make it a priority to stay close to God and really cool things happen when we do.

I haven’t yet met Todd, but I’ve seen a lot of him via technology (YouTube & Darren Wilson’s movie’s (Father of Lights & Holy Ghost)). He definitely is a man on fire for Jesus who is not afraid to push the envelope. If you want to learn about his ministry check out LifestyleChristianity.com

This past weekend my brother, cousin and I had the opportunity to pray for a family member and a new addition to the family. I love when God just captures peoples attention and/or furthers His relationship with them in a supernatural way. One of the things I’m learning is we just have to give Him the chance as often as possible.  Sometimes you have to get a little uncomfortable, but it’s worth it.

My cousin brought her boyfriend around the extended family for the first time. He just so happened to get a headache during the evening and instead of popping an advil he allowed us to pray for him. My brother, cousin and I took turns praying for him, and it completely went away in Jesus name (it took 4 prayers for it to fully go). I thought it was a solid, God focused intro to the family.

For a long time my uncle has had pain in multiple places in his body; knee, hip & shoulder. The three of us took turns praying again, and there was a level of relief in all three locations. The healing process has begun, praise Jesus.

Here is my brother Jesse relaying his experience:
My daughter Sophie told me as we were leaving a party on Jan 3rd that her nose was hurting.  “The part that feels like a booger, that’s hard in the middle :)”  We were rushing out so I said, “Stop touching it, it will be better by tomorrow.” She fell asleep in the car and carried her into bed.  She woke up an hour later and started talking to me again.  She said, “Dad my nose really hurts me still.”  I said “Let’s pray for you.”  We prayed and said “Let’s go to sleep.”  Sophie then said, ” Dad, why do I never get healed right away when we pray.  (I felt that one like a shot to my gut).  Determined, I said, “Let’s pray for you again.”  We prayed and asked how she felt after. She began feeling around in everyplace it had hurt.  She said, “Dad, its gone!” I said, “What do you mean by that?”  She said, “I don’t feel it anymore.  All the pain in gone.  It doesn’t hurt when I touch it.” A small grin came upon her over tired face knowing what just happened.

That surely strengthened the faith of my 6 yr old, and her dad.  What an amazing God that we serve.


It is so cool that Mark 16:17-18 is a reality. “These signs follow them that believe…” believing being the requirement. That was displayed in the above examples; there was healing that took place when each of the three believers prayed.

I encourage all to pursue Jesus, start praying and don’t give up. Make a resolution to work towards including God in all areas of your life. I know it’s a process, but it’s amazing to be on mission with Him, and it starts by praying. Let Him fill you in a way that people can see that something about you is different.

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.


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