Baby B

I’d like to share a brief story about a family that I have a really high level of respect for. They’ve gone through some trying times over the past 2 years but have had amazing faith, and a wonderful attitude through the process. Their son; Baby B was born about 23 months ago at 22 weeks old. Because of the early birth his ability to process oxygen was not fully developed. He had a trake put in and was given a certain amount of oxygen each day. His whole life had been spent in the hospital.

It was in the beginning of November when I first went to the hospital with my friend Rich to join the parents to pray and ask God to bring healing. At that point, after a year and ten months, the longest duration he was off the oxygen supplement was around 8 hours. When we prayed the presence of the Holy Spirit was very strong, which is always good but not necessary for healing to take place. I received notice from the father recently that about a week after we prayed the doctors agreed to take him off all support to see how long he could last.

On December 25th, the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus; our Savior & Healer, they were able to bring Baby B home for the first time ever. The best Christmas present possible. It’s been over a month since he has had any breathing assistance and they have already had discussions with the doctors on when they can take him home for good. Praise Jesus.

Please join with me in praying for Baby B’s complete healing and total restoration.

Also consider making 2015 a year of pursuing Jesus at another level along with me. He’s worth it.

Happy New Year!


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