Others are getting it!!!

Fall is here, I love this weather.  I can walk around and even exert myself a little and not sweat.

It’s exciting when I pray for someone and God moves to bring healing or manifest His presence because it can have a significant life changing effect on the recipients life. But the excitement is enhanced when I can help someone else start to realize that Christ in them is the hope of the world around them (Colossians 1:27). That Christ not only died to get them into Heaven but also to get Heaven into them now.

The High School ministry (PT) at my church started up again two Sunday’s ago. After the message portion of the evening an 11th grader came over to me to get prayer for his knee. He injured it this past week jumping off something. A group of about 7 students came over to observe what was happening. I prayed the 1st time and it improved by I believe around 40 or 50 percent. Then I had a student (K) pray the 2nd time and all the pain went away & full ROM was restored. He also felt a cool sensation go through his knee during the process.

The story doesn’t end there. A bunch of the students went outside afterwards to go play a game; (K) and one of the other kids (A) that observed the previous healing got into a conversation. (A) told (K) that he hurt his ankle recently. (K) said he’d pray for it and did out in the parking lot. All the pain went away and full ROM was restored.

God is on the move and deserves our attention, praise and relationship cause He is amazing. I highly encourage you to stay active and on purpose in pursuit of all God has created you to be. There’s no time like the present; it’s the most important thing you can do.

Be encouraged,

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