After a fall / hip…

Below are two situations where God tangibly showed up.

I was talking to a kid who was riding a longboard (Big skateboard) recently and fell off. He got knocked out, concussion, broken eye socket, broken nose, neck pain, headache, couldn’t bend over, laugh, cough or jump without pain in his head.

He let me pray for him. God is amazing and  blessed the kid. Results after 2 prayers; neck pain gone, headache gone, could bend over, laugh and jump around with no pain. Said his eye socket felt smoother and couldn’t find pain. Said it felt like his nose was starting to fill in.

Now God didn’t make this accident happen but there are repercussions when we make bad choices. God did however take the opportunity to say “Hey son, I’m here for you in this situation and every other situation in life, press in more.” (My thoughts on what God is saying when He heals). 

I prayed for a woman at church who had a hip injury that kept getting worse leading up to that point. She was fearful of the inability to be active in her life. God met her in her time of need. She walked out pain free.

He cares that much for you too, He just expresses it in different ways depending on the situation. Figure out a way to give Him the opportunity.

Proverbs 8:17
I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me.

Be encouraged,

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