God keeps me in awe.  Holy Spirit wants to afirm His reality to people wherever we go, even at a campground in the Green Mountains of Vermont. We went camping this past weekend with 2 other families we know. There were 10 kids, 8 and under with 6 adults,  it was a blast.
For those of you that have gone camping you’ll probably agree that one of the really important things to have is plenty of firewood. Because firewood brings smores. Smores are vital to my three, five and eight year old. Oh yeah and my wife Melani too 🙂 . Each night one of the fathers, Steven and I went up to the camp office to pick up a couple bundles of wood. The Ranger that took our money for the wood had a sling on. It turns out she recently had surgery to have bone spurs removed which was extremely painful. I told her how amazing God was and asked if I could pray for her shoulder. Her pain level improved by 60% and ROM significantly improved. The presence of the Holy Spirit was awesome, the love of God and amazingness of Jesus was shared.

He wants our attention because He wants to give us His. You’re His beloved and that’s the truth.

Be encouraged,

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