I’ve now seen God do a lot of amazing things that have blown me away. I’ve learned a lot and one thing is for sure; He cares about all of us no matter how we might feel about Him. Just like if you have multiple kids; you love everyone of them.

I had the chance last week to talk with some young adults who were just about to start their first year of college. The chance to pray for a few of them arose. One had fallen pretty hard on his hip recently which caused swelling and bruising; obviously painful. His buddy and his buddys mom were there also. I prayed the first time and the pain dropped in level, those there were pretty amazed and had never experienced God responding like that. I felt that it was a great opportunity to solidify for them that I wasn’t the answer, and that it is Christ in us (Colossians 1:27) and that these signs follow them the “Believe” (Mark 16:15-20). So after I prayed I asked his friend “Do you believed in Jesus? ” and “Do you believe Jesus could heal through us?” and he said yes to both. So I had him pray for his friend and repeat after me; he did a great job. The pain level went down another 30% when he prayed. We kept praying and eventually all the pain went away.

The mom followed up and told me two days later that he was still pain free. Everyone that was there (I believe 7 people) now have a new view of Jesus. He’s amazing!

Be encouraged,


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