From an E-Mail I sent out on November 5th 2014

This post is an account of the events that took place over 5 days; Wednesday (10/29) through Sunday (11/2). God displays His love for His kids in many different ways but these are five different examples of when Jesus came in presence and power.

(Wednesday 10/29)
Melani’s friend Aimee threw her lower back out doing laundry on Weds morning. She was in excruciating pain. I hold a Men’s Bible Study on Weds night and her husband asked if she could stop by for prayer. We prayed for her 4 times and it progressively improved until it totally went away. Fully healed. During one of the prayers she actually felt movement happening in her back. Soo cool. (Mark 16:17-20)

My friend Tony who was there recently had his gall bladder removed and had pain from the surgery. We prayed 5 different times consecutively for healing and removal of pain (multiple people alternated praying) and it progressively went from a 10 pain level to 0, no pain. (It’s not a the person, its Jesus in His kids).

(Thursday 10/30)
The next day I had an easy conversation starter “you want to hear a cool story”? Everyone I asked said yes. The Lord opened the door for me to help two coworkers carry out bags to one of their cars. I told the story on the way out which led to an opportunity to share the good news of Jesus. I asked one if she wanted to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, she said “why not”. So we prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to come. She felt the warm loving touch of God manifested. He knows exactly what each of His kids need (1 Corinthians 13:13). Holy Spirit used the other coworker to minister to her in the process as well which was so cool. It was one of the first times she felt God speak to her. There was way more to the story. (Psalm 145:18,19, John 16:33)

(Friday 10/31)
After work I was walking out to my car with 2 different coworkers; a woman that I’ve worked with for years and a young guy that just started working there. She had recently injured her back/hip/leg pretty badly. Doctor thinks it stemed from an injury in her back. She was out of work the previous day because of it & was on a pack of steroids. I told her a testimony of God bringing healing and asked if I could pray for her and she agreed. I also asked the guy to stick around with us to be a witness. She could barely put weight on her right foot or bend to the side at all. I prayed a few different times and each time there was progressive decrease of pain. Each time she also felt the heat of the presence of God in her hip. She had to leave to pick up her daughter but by that time it was 50% better and was able to put her full weight on her right foot which she was not able to do previously. When stuff like this happens the result requires an explanation; and that’s the Gospel message of Jesus (John 3:16, Romans 10:9,10, Ephesians 2:8,9)

There is a brief clip of her sharing the experience in the testimony tab (Coworker in the parking lot…).

(Sunday 11/2)
That Sunday at church I had a chance to pray again for Diane & her husband Joe (I prayed for them 2 Sundays ago). She had degenerative arthritis and 10 screws in her foot from a surgery 15+ years ago.

There is a video of her sharing her experience in the testimony tab (Dianne at church…)

*Each slight change of pain level or just the presence of God felt is a miracle unto itself. Those that experienced a measure of healing had been in pain for extended amounts of time and change immediately took place when praying in the name of Jesus. All credit and honor to Jesus.

I know there are people reading this who hold different opinions of Jesus. I send these updates to you because I care about you and felt moved to. If you don’t know Jesus yet, seek Him, He’s real. If you have a heart to share the reality of Jesus, take risk for Him. Get to know Him better no matter where you are (James 4:8), run along side Him, pursue Jesus, fight for Jesus, its so worth it. He has rocked my world.

When we share stories of how God has exhibited His love to others it opens opportunities and breaks down walls. (Revelation 12:11, testimonies are huuge!)  Use the stories on this site or someone elses stories as a door opener initially (that’s what I did). Ask God to work through you to develop unique stories to glorify Him and join His mission (John 3:17).  If you know Him, never forget your personal story of how He initially showed Himself real to you. He is always with us when we ask Him into our lives (Matthew 28:20). There is so much peace in that especially in the world we live in today (Isaiah 26:3,4, Philippians 4:6,7).

If you have any questions or want to hear the full stories let me know.

Jesus loves you more than you realize and He is seriously amazingly more than I can put words to.


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