Sunday night I get the privilege of working with a bunch of high school age kids which I really enjoy. One of them dislocated his shoulder last week playing baseball. He came over to me and asked if we could pray for it at some point in the night. His faith was high that healing could happen because it’s happened to him before.

A little bit later I saw him asking someone for Advil because the aching was so bad. I stepped in and said “Let’s pray first, advil if necessary second”. I prayed really quick because we were transitioning to the next activity and God alleviated the pain immediately so he could go to small group discussion without the intense discomfort. About 45 minutes later we were able to reconvene; this time I grabbed an intern and a student to be a part of the process.  I had the intern pray first; the pain and range of motion improved by 60%. I had the other student pray next and it improved another 20%. We grabbed another student who was passing by and told him what was happening and he asked if he could be next (this was the first time for him). I really respect Him for stepping right in. It went down another 10%.

When it was all said and done I had 4 students pray for his shoulder and it improved when they prayed 95%; he was throwing a baseball in the parking lot at the end of the night. 🙂

I saw him 1 week later and he played 3 baseball games this week without another dislocation.

God’s at work, molding the hearts and minds of these young guys, giving them experiences with Him they will never forget. I am excited to see what God will to do in and through them as they continue on their journey with Him.

Be encouraged,


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