Lessons at ball…

Hello all,
I hope you’re enjoying the freedom and warmth of Spring like my family and I are.

If you’ve had a relationship with Jesus for a little bit I’m sure you’d agree that learning and understanding the ways of God is a process. I’ve been learning bits and pieces along the way as I study the Word of God, as I spend time in prayer with God, and as I step out to talk to and pray for people. God is all-knowing, all-powerful and for sure has a plan, of which we every day get to choose to be a part of.  At times when I get a chance to pray for someone I envision it playing out a certain way, but I’m learning that God can take that action and use it in ways we don’t anticipate to accomplish His goal, which makes the event even more amazing. We for sure can not put Him in a box, which keeps me in a place of awe. This story falls into that category.

This past week at basketball I got into a conversation with a guy who is working through recovering from a surgery. The convo led to my buddy AB and I praying for him. We prayed on the side of the basketball court at the point in the night where everyone was packing up and leaving; guys were walking near and around us the whole time. During the prayer another guy who was on his way out of the gym put his hand on my shoulder, said his goodbyes and walked out.  During the prayer I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit but there was no immediate healing that took place in the area of injury, which actually surprised me a little.

However, God had a different plan that night which at that point already had taken place, but I didn’t even know it. We wrapped up and I walked out with A.B. talking about what happened and what didn’t happen in an attempt to assess and learn from the situation.

When I got home I received a text from the guy who touched my shoulder. He relayed to me that when he touched my shoulder he felt a calm and peace that moved him, his shoulders became light and the cramps he had totally dissapeared. That of course led to a very meaningful God focused conversation.

It’s so cool seeing God extend out of my limited understanding and expectation, and reach out to someone I wasn’t even thinking of.(2 Peter 3:9, Ephesians 3:20). He does exceedingly abundantly more than I can imagine.

Be encouraged,


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