Praying for co-workers

On Thursday I got a text from a coworker Maile, a fellow Christian pursuing Jesus who is taking action on opportunities God puts before her. She text me, asking if I’d like to pray with her for a coworker. So the three of us met briefly after work. The coworker had been dealing with a shoulder problem for a long time plus recovering from a different surgery. So Maile and I prayed for her shoulder multiple times and each time the pain level decreased; it went from a 10 down to below a 1. Over 90% improvement.  She also felt amazing manifestations of the Holy Spirit; heat, tingling and the feeling of hands lightly massaging her back. So awesome.

The next day a different coworker came into the office with a headache. Another person chimed in and said she had ibuprofen if she wanted it. She looked at me and I said “you know my solution”.  I’ve prayed for her in the past and she has already experienced God bring healing.  She smiled, and said ok let’s go down to the cafeteria. I prayed for her headache to go away in Jesus name and it did immediately. Haha, I love Jesus, He’s worthy to be praised.

(James 5:15,16; Romans 15:13)

Take Risk for Him, it’s worth it. Life change happens.


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