An amazing Sunday

On Sundays I’m usually at church at the 11:00 service in the morning and at the student youth ministry event (PT) at 6:30. At both times God poured His love down on His kids in such cool ways.

At the morning service I had the chance to pray for a couple that both had injuries. The wife said she recently had a failed rotator cuff surgery. She agreed to allow me to video her summarizing what took place.

See the video in the Testimony tab “At church failed surgery…”

After praying for her I found out that her husband has had serious issues with both his ankles (he had surgery on one already). All pain disappeared in one foot and around 80% in the other.  He was literally jumping up and down and his wife was yelling at him for doing it. Lol. So awesome.

The focus of the youth ministry over the past two months has been on Evangelism (sharing our faith, out of Acts 4).  The youth pastor decided to wrap the series up by way of a Q & A with me discussing what it can look like in everyday life. Here’s my brief summary of the youth pastor I get to work with every week; he’s a great dude, fired up for Jesus, teaches the Word, not afraid to step out or look funny, loves the kids and the kids love him and his wife. They’ve done a great job building the ministry. I’m blessed to be working with them. The kids too are an awesome bunch.

I was given the opportunity to close that part of the night out with a time of prayer.  I set it up in a way to give the students a chance to stand for Jesus amongst their peers; because God loves when people shed their concerns for what others think and and take an opportunity to stand for Him. It shows the attitude of the heart (Galations 5:1, 2 Chronicles 16:9). I know at least one of the students received a measure of healing right when she stood up. Its amazing what God does.  I then gave an opportunity for those with injuries or who just wanted prayer for more of Jesus in their life to step to the side so I could pray for them individually. Eleven stepped forward, seven with injuries. Injuried areas included; knees, backs, fingers, toes and shoulders. All 7 experienced a measure of healing or presence of God. I was also able to relay a very important message; that I was NOT the answer but it’s CHRIST in US  (Colossians 1:27), and these signs follow those that BELIEVE (John 14:12, Mark 16:15-20). Here’s how it went; I would pray the first time, the pain level would go down but usually not 100%.  I would then typically have a student pray for their friend next. Most of the time there was an increased measure of healing when the students prayed and I remember at least 2x they prayed the final prayer when the pain totally went away.  Come on! Get excited with me!

It’s hard to put words to this, Jesus is sooo amazing and continues to respond. He’s in love with and is pursuing us. I believe people have to look at Him a little differently when they experience Him like this for the first time and even when you hear a story like this. He’s loves you and wants to cultivate a very close relationship with you.

Seek Him, hang out with Him, get to know Him and His ways. The journey with Him is amazing and unlike anything else you can experience.

(Psalms 9:1-2, Psalms 91:2)

Sharing the freeing message of Jesus,


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