Encounters at the Post Office & Lowe’s

My buddy Isaiah has a few great stories to share. Our God is a God of love, peace, joy, hope and power. What a great package.

We went to the post office to get our passports done. I struck up a conversation with a lady named Helen. She explained that she has lymes disease. I shared with her how my dad had lyme disease and God healed him. We asked if she would let us pray for her. She said OK. She had pressure on her lungs causing her pain. We prayed twice and all the pain went away! Go Jesus!!!

I went to Lowes to buy some stain. Ran into an employee there named Keri. I saw she had a brace on her knee so I asked her what was wrong. She said she sprained it moving a refrigerator. I Asked if she would let me pray for her. I prayed and the second time her pain went from a level 10 to a level 6. I explained to her that the Creator of the universe knew we would run into each other today and that He was healing her in order to let her know that she’s valuable and important to Him.

I went to Lowes again today to buy some trim for our showroom. While checking out I asked the women at the register (Wendy) how her day was going. She said “it could be better”. I asked why and she said “my back has been hurting for a long time now and it won’t go away”. I asked her if I could pray for her back to get better and she said yes. I proceeded to tell her the story about how God had just healed a women at the Post Office from pain in her lungs due to Lyme disease and that I expected God to do the same for her when we prayed. I laid my hand on her shoulder in the middle of the contractor check out area with people all bustling around and we both closed our eyes. After inviting Holy Spirit to fill her with his presence and commanding the pain to go in Jesus name I asked Wendy to assess the pain. She said “it’s more like an 8 now!”. I told her this was no small thing, that pain does not just leave your body for no reason and the creator of the universe just came down and touched her, and healed her, to show her she’s valuable to him, and he wants to know her more. I asked if I could pray again and she agreed. I prayed 2 more times. The second time the pain went down to a level 1!!! The last time the pain left completely. I asked Wendy if she believed in God and she said “I do and used to go to church when my dad was alive. It was a common bond we had. Since he’s past I have not gone to church.” I encouraged her that this meeting was not a coincidence and that God was showing her he was real and that she was his special kid who he wanted to spend time with. I invited her to church and said at the very least she owes it to herself to start talking to God again and see where it leads. She agreed and I left with smiles stuck to both of our faces.

God has done so much for us, let’s go out there and share His love with everyone we meet!

– Isaiah

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