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Happy summer all! I hope you are enjoying it. I want to pass on a story from my brother Jesse detailing an interaction he had with a coworker recently. God is good and moving.

A friend of mine named Craig and is  the Varsity Basketball coach in my district came into my office hanging out.  He began discussing with several of us that he has a chronic tear in his UCL in his arm and severe inflammation on the opposite side of his forearm.  He doesn’t know where the tear came from.  He went into the gym to run a spring open gym for his players.  On my way out of the building I stopped into the gym and asked him what his faith was in.  He said he was raised Catholic.  I told him I have seen and heard of many healings that have occurred from prayer.  He seemed interested.  He had to leave immediately to get to a tutoring appointment.  I sent him this website to browse through until the following Monday when we finally had a chance to pray.  He read through every testimony, increasing his faith in the possibility of a healing through the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus.

On Monday we were in the locker room speaking with another coach.  Craig told Dan, Jesse is going to heal my arm.  Dan left to go start the open gym.  I shared with Craig what the gospel message is and why I began stepping out in faith to pray for people.  He assessed his pain level by pulling his fingers back toward his forearm, doing a pullup and doing a pushup and a plank with one arm where there was severe pain.  He was ready to pray.  I prayed, then said “when the Holy Spirit is working you may feel a sensation of heat or a tingling feeling.  As I said “tingling” his face lit up and he started laughing.  He said, “no lie, as soon as you began saying the word tingling, I was about to say tingling.”  He kept a smile on his face while assessing his pain level.  He didn’t give me a number but said it was definitely different.  We prayed again.  He went through his pushup and arm moving routine and kept shaking his head in disbelief and finally said it’s like a 4.

I continued sharing with him what this all means and that Jesus just wants a relationship with him and is trying to show him how much He loves him.

We prayed one more time and it went to a two.  Smiling and in disbelief and appreciation (a flurry of emotions) he said, I have to go, I have to go.  I said, do you want to get rid of this.  He felt a little guilty for continuing.  I told him this is what Jesus does.  I gave him a New testament Bible from Fellowship of Christian Athletes (great bible).  He said he would read it and asked if we could do this again on Thursday.  I told him to read as much as he can and continue praying for himself and we may not need to pray again on Thursday.    Stay tuned!

It’s quite amazing how much Jesus loves us and how desperately he wants to be a part of every one of our lives.  It’s so easy to put God in a box.  He continually amazes me.


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