Arthritis of the Hip

Whats up guys! I want to share an interaction I had with someone while I was at church this morning. I had never met him before but he stood out to me because he was walking with a significant limp. 

During the service I saw him walk out of the sanctuary and I felt like God was encouraging me to go out and see if I could speak to and pray for him at that time instead of waiting for the end of the service, so I did. The timing worked out great and I got the opportunity to pray for him. He said the doctors told him that he had arthritis of the hip and would most likely need a hip replacement by age 40 (He’s currently in his early 30’s). 

I have a big smile right now because the Holy Spirit showed up huge during that time. After the 1st prayer the pain level was at a 2 down from a 10. During the 2nd prayer it went down to a 0!! He left the building walking normal.

God cares. God loves, God is good. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you (James 4:8).

Be encouraged! 


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