At the mall

Instead of having our mens bible study this past Tuesday we (Jim, Jon, Francisco, Alex & I) went to a local mall with the intent to allow God to set up opportunities for us to speak with and pray for people. There were a number of interactions had but there is one I will zero in on. I was walking through the mall with Alex and we saw a college aged guy walking into the Apple store with a crutch. I yelled over to him before he got in the store and made a comment about his injury and asked what happened. It turns out that he had been in a motor cycle accident, messed up his hip and was still dealing with some discomfort and pain.

He was open to letting us pray for him. We prayed 3 times; I prayed the first two and the pain level went from a 10 down to a 4 and then Alex prayed for him and it went away completely. We then proceeded to confirm for him how much God cares about him and encouraged him to take steps to get closer to Him.

​It’s amazing what God is willing to do when we give Him a chance. 


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