An evening at the mall…

Melani and I were at Colonie Center Mall with friends of ours Isaiah & Amy; during that time we walked into a couple opportunities to share the love of Jesus with people we didn’t know.

As we were walking through the mall after dinner I saw 3 guys walking towards us (I found out later they were on their way to the movies). I walked in front of them and stopped them because one of them had a knee brace on. I told them up front that God has shown me how amazing He is and one of the ways I’ve seen God introduce Himself to people is through injuries being healed. It was super awkward for them (I don’t blame them) and I’ve realized a good way to cut the awkwardness is to state the obvious and say “This is super awkward right?”. It helps. He agreed to let us pray for him and when I asked him to assess the pain level he got this stumped look on his face and said “It doesn’t hurt, did you pray for me already?” I asked if it was hurting before and he said “Yes”. So as we were talking about how amazing Jesus is, the pain dispersed. I responded with “When Jesus is being honored cool stuff can happen”. We left with an encouragement for him to seek God because of how real and amazing He is and let them get to their movie.

As Christians we know that Christ in us is the hope of the world around us (Colossians 1:27) but this was a new experience for me. I am blown away at how the Holy Spirit can move.

On a different note, it doesn’t always go that way. On my way into the mall, very similar to the other story, I noticed two guys walking and one of them had a slight limp. So I struck up a conversation with him about the injury and asked if I could pray for his ankle and he said “No”. I pushed a little, but he still said “No”. My prayer is that just by speaking about how real and amazing Jesus is a seed was planted and that God would use it to help take him on the journey in finding Christ. Little seeds can have a huge impact on a person’s life.

Be encouraged!!!

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