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So I come home Friday night after work to my boys throwing down pizza from our favorite place. I was a little later than usual and they had just finished up an intense activity session with Melani; wrestling, jumping over each other, etc. They definitely worked up an appetite. So I sat down and said “Boys you want to hear a cool story”? The immediate response from my oldest son Jaxen was “Let me guess, you prayed for someone and all the pain went away”? I love that because I want them to know how awesome God is early in life as possible.

On the way out of the office there was a guy from a different department  rolling out of the building on one of those one legged rollers meant to keep pressure off his foot, instead of crutches. I had missed a clear opportunity at the grocery store earlier that day when on lunch to ask a guy on cruthches if he wanted prayer, so I didnt want to miss another opportunity; I immediately asked what happened. Turns out he broke his fibia and tibia over a month ago and still was experiencing pain. I asked if I could pray for him and he shook my hand, kind of like a thanks, I appreciate it and then turned to be on his way. I said “No, I mean right now”, so we continued the discussion and he agreed. I prayed and all pain and discomfort left in the 1st prayer. Before praying he told me that he had his own view of God. I don’t even know what it was, but the real Jesus supernaturally showed up, and I got the chance to share the true Gospel. God is amazing and continues to open opportunities.

Earlier this week I got a message from my buddy who was introduced to the Holy Spirit about 2 months ago on the side of the basketball court when his back was thrown out. We prayed and 80% of His back pain went away after 2 prayers. He has had multiple Holy Spirit encounters since then. However, my point you’ll see is that he’s catching on. His younger brother was complaining of back pain so he asked if he could pray for him. He prayed 2x and the pain went away. So awesome, super proud of him stepping out in faith. God’s on the move.

I listened to a message recently that Bill Johnson taught out at Bethel church in California which impacted me. So I thought would be good to share some of notes here:

If Jesus preached the messages that most churches in the US preached; He would not have been crucified. The message very often preached today is one that comforts and keeps people in their place, and doesn’t bring people into a new way of living. “The kingdom of Heaven is at hand” message is the true nature of the gospel.  The real gospel looks for problems that need to be solved and reversed.

God has put the resurrected power of Jesus in the person of the Holy Spirit inside a believers being. The Holy Spirit is very often imprisoned in the bodies of unbelieving Christians and He wants to be released; to shape and transform history. I believe we are drafted into this divine assignment. God designed you to be a vessel for Him to flow through.

Amen Bill. Within the body of Bethel church there are now more miracles and healings that take place outside the four walls of the church; out in the community than inside the church on a Sunday. The reason is encompassed in the verses below; many in that church body have realized their identity and are pushing forward in it.

(Colossians 1:27, John 14:12, Mark 16:15-20, Luke 4:18 & Revelation 12:11)

Be encouraged and get fired up because I believe what Bill was talking about is the truth; and anyone reading this can move into that reality by pursuing Jesus. Check out this video for more truth and inspiration.

Lifestyle Christianity – Todd White


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