Knee / Hip

Well, as usual July is heating up. Our family is trying to get in the pool as much as possible, the vegetable garden is growing well, and God continues to stay ready to connect with people when we are willing to take action.

Last week Melani and I were hanging with our in-laws and at one point Randy and I had a chance to pray for a gentleman that had a torn the miniscus in his knee. Prior to the injury (about 3 years ago) he loved running and staying active but because of the injury activities have been restricted. We prayed for his knee a few times and asked God to minister healing. The pain dropped completely, the clicking went away and he said his leg actually felt longer. Praise Jesus. We are now waiting for a follow up report.

The other day while at the local pool I saw a gentleman I’ve never met before walk into the area limping. He wound up sitting in the kiddie pool section to watch his young grandson where I was watching my 3 year old Ty.

​I sparked conversation and found out his hip had been degenerating over the course of time and was causing serious issues.  I told him a little about what God has recently been doing in my life and shared a story or two. I asked if he was open for letting me pray for him before he left; eventually I got the go ahead. After 2 prayers the pain level was down to a 1. God is amazing. If you are reading this and are willing to pray for him, please pray for full healing of Eds hip and circulatory system (different topic). I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

Be encouraged,


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