After my kids breakdance class

When someone really knows the truth about Jesus and steps into a relationship with Him there is freedom that follows (John 8:32). There are many burdens in life that are so hard to deal with on your own, Jesus wants us to hand those over to Him. It’s hard to understand until you actually take Him up on it, it falls into the supernatural category.

Another supernatural thing that we have shared about many other times on this blog is the reality of Gods desire to heal. During my kids breakdance class this week I noticed that one of the instructors had a stiff neck. The door opened after class for me to speak with him. We touched on other things but transitioned to talking about the issue he had with his neck. Then I asked if he was willing to let me pray for it to be healed. 

To give you a short version; we prayed, his range of motion and pain level improved and he also felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as a softness that put him back on his heels. I followed up a couple days later and he told me that he was able to practice that night in a capacity he wasn’t expecting to be able to. 

This is just another example showing that God is real and wants to let people know it. 

Be encouraged!


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